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Rodenstock Alino Multifunction Refractometer

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Experience 6 analyses in 1 device: refraction, keratometry, topography, tonometry, pachymetry and dry eye analysis.


Rodenstock Alino Multifunction Refractometer

Tune-up your business

Experience 6 analyses in 1 device: Rodenstock Alino Multifunction Refractometer

Are you ready for something that is all-in-one, timesaving, space-saving and suits your business perfectly?

Have a look at how powerful ALINO can be.

6 in 1 solution

01 Refraction

Having a good starting value for subjective refraction is essential. The QUICK REF MODE supports this even for uncooperative patients.

02 Keratometry

KAI (Kerato-asymmetry index) & KRI (Kerato-regularity index) give the first hint of possible irregularities on the cornea. This supports evaluation of the best vision correction or best-fitting contact lens.

03 Tonometry

The very gentle air puff created by a new generation of air-flow technology means that patients more readily accept the need for regular check-ups of the IOP measurement.

04 Pachymetry

Correcting the IOP by measuring the central corneal thickness is essential in interpreting the intraocular pressure.

05 Topography

Various topographic maps support you in carrying out vision screenings, contact lens fittings and in patient education.

06 Dry Eye

Observe the customers’ eye health and evaluate the long-term tolerability of contact lenses.

Take advantage of the combination of tests:

Additional services

Tonometry + Pachymetry

Contact lens fitting and

tolerance control

Keratometry + Topography + Dry Eye

Eye healthcare

Topography + Tonometry + Pachymetry + Dry Eye

Specifications Rodenstock Alino Multifunction Refractometer


Spherical refractive power (S)            -30.00 D to + 25.00 D (at VD = 12.0 mm)

Cylindrical power (C)                          0.00 D to ± 12.50 D (at VD = 12.0 mm)

Astigmatic axis (A)                              0° to 180°


Corneal curvature radius                    5.00 mm to 13.00 mm

Corneal astigmatic axis                      0° to 180°


Measurement range                           1 mmHg to 60 mmHG (1 hPa to 80 hPa)


Measurement range                           300 μm to 800 μm


Corneal curvature radius                    5.50 mm to 10.00 mm

Corneal astigmatic axis                      0° to 180°


Interpupillary distance                         Measurement range: 20 mm to 85 mm

Corneal diameter and pupil diameter Measurement range: 1.00 mm to 14.00 mm

Dry eye observation                            Blinking Analysis, Tear Meniscus height, Hyperemia, Meibomian glands


Internal Database                               Integrated SD Card

Printer                                                 Integrated thermal printer

Data Output Type                               3x USB 2.0, 1x LAN, 1x SD Card-slot, 1x WLAN

Export Format                                     CSV, XML, JPG, PDF


Dimensions WDH                               312 × 491 × 450 mm

Weight                                                 Approx. 23 kg

Voltage                                                100 VAC to 240 VAC

Frequency                                           50/60 Hz

Power consumption                            110 VA


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