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PureSmile 2400 Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth Cleaning:

The importance of brushing your teeth you learn as a child. However, domestic dental cleaning alone is usually not enough to clean your teeth comprehensively. With additional professional teeth cleaning, we can help you with adequate dental hygiene. So you as long as possible to benefit from healthy natural teeth.


The term of bleaching comes from English and means as much as bleaching. Use the cosmetic treatment of bleaching, we are able to help you achieve an effective teeth whitening. Targeted whitening effects are achieved on the basis of the use of active oxygen – a targeted confrontation this oxygen with the tooth structure leads to the teeth to a lightening of color pigments. Fixed tooth components like enamel and dentin are unaffected by the cosmetic treatment.


PureSmile 2400 Teeth Whitening Possible reasons for occurring tooth discoloration are many and varied. In many cases, the influence of stimulants and / or food products such as tea, coffee, red wine or tobacco is responsible for an increasing Zahnpigmentierung – dyes contained are deposited on the surfaces of the teeth and penetrate a longer term in the enamel. Are the pigments included in the enamel, they can not be removed using the domestic toothbrushing.
Additional factors that could cause tooth discoloration include, for example, the long-term use of some drugs and external forces impact the tooth structure. Finally, even the natural aging process of participating in a tooth staining: With age also has the enamel frequently increased wear on. As a result, layers lying under the enamel (such as notably the so-called dentin) is optically clear to see that generally have a less bright color.


Basically, any natural tooth structure can be lightened by a dental whitening. So we achieve not only vital, but also to non-vital (dead) teeth whitening effects with the treatment approach if desired. From the latter option, you can benefit, for example if you want the brightening of a root canal treated tooth. The main reason the possibility of bleaching of non-vital teeth proves to be useful, because it is precisely these teeth tend to undesired discolorations.


PureSmile 2400 Teeth Whitening Depending on whether vital or non-vital tooth structure to be subjected to a bleaching, we apply different treatments – while brightening preparations used are applied externally in living teeth normally, the preparations for dead teeth from the tooth inside act out. A professional whitening vital teeth in our clinic is also known as so-called in-office bleaching (external bleaching). In most cases, can be targeted brightening effects of such in-office bleaching in the context of a few sessions to achieve. The professional bleaching vital teeth is known in dentistry as an internal bleaching.


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