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Lumenis Splendor X + Zimmer Cryo 6 Air Cooling System

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Alexandrite & Nd:YAG laser hair removal workstation Powered by BLEND X technology

Cryo 6, the cold air device from the world leader



Lumenis Splendor X + Zimmer Cryo 6

The Lumenis Splendor X is a unique laser system with power, precision and speed.

Nd:Yag and Alexandrite
Alexandrite and Nd:YAG

This allows you to custom the proportions of each wavelength for each treatment depending on

Skin type
Hair types
Hair thickness

This allows for safe treatments on all skin types

Vascular lesions
Pigmented lesions
Ski prevention


By using a square spot size delivered by a square fibre this allows the user to treat faster and more uniformly with no overlapping limiting the risk of hotspots, bruns and missed areas.

A unique UV skin roller can also be used to grid the body so that when an ultraviolet light is hone upton on it is easy the see the square grids meaning no spot is less untreated.


The handpiece of the Lumenis Splendor X integrates a smoke evacuator and cooled air to remove unwanted plumes and smell during treatment and offer additional cooling for patient comfort.


The Lemenis Splendor X offers a great potential return on investment with

Shorter treatment times
Enhanced results
longer lamp life due to blended emission modes
remote service capabilities
Advanced service software allows engineers to Diagnose, calibrate and upgrade the system remotely
Self replacement lamps
Replace the laser flash lamp yourself in just minutes with no need for a technician and no system downtime .
Skin Cam
Zoom in on patients anatomy such as hair follicles and pigmentation to show effects before and after.

The more applications on offer the better the return on investment for you and your business

Lumenis Splendor X + Zimmer Cryo 6 APPLICATIONS INCLUDE:

Hair removal all skin types
Vascular lesions
Benign pigmented lesions
Skin rejuvenation
Thread veins
Facial veins
Skin tightenin

New Cryo 6 complete with user manual, glass top, power cord,treatment tube, condensation container, focusing tip, mounting bracket, wheels & wheel covers

State of the art Cryo Therapy with -30°C air The Cryo 6 features cooled air for efficient pain treatment, swelling reduction and muscle relaxation. The system enables Cryo Therapy with precise placement and at a constant dosage, every time. The device uses no consumables and delivers high power. This enables a quick decrease in superficial skin temperature, while maintaining the ability to operate all day. Unlike other cooling methods, such as contact cooling, cryogen spray or ice packs, the Cryo 6 decreases the skin temperature quicker, with less risk of skin burns and keeps a constant dosage throughout the entire treatment time.

Cryo 6 is intended to minimize pain and thermal injury during laser and dermatological treatments and for temporary topical anesthetic relief during injections.
Unlike other cooling methods, such as contact cooling, cryogen spray or ice packs, the Cryo 6 can cool the epidermis before, during and after the laser energy has been applied, without interfering with the laser beam.
Studies also have shown that chilling with the Zimmer Cryo 6 cold air device reduces the patient’s pain sensitivity. This means much better tolerance of the treatment.


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