Keeler All Pupil II LED Convertible Slimline Wireless BIO


The Keeler All Pupil II LED Convertible Slimline Wireless BIO is lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use.


Keeler Wireless Binocular Ophthalmoscope

Wireless Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope

The All Pupil II LED Convertible Slimline Wireless Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope (BIO) is based on the design of the number-one selling All Pupil indirect ophthalmoscope. Look for the features designed to make your examinations easier and more comfortable. Unit comes with a charger and two batteries.

NEW – We are happy to announce the All Pupil II Slimline Wireless now has convertible technology. This allows you to choose between a neutral 4,000K LED module or 3,800K Xenon traditional bulb (sold separately) in the same product!

Light, bright and easy to use Keeler Wireless Binocular Ophthalmoscope

All Pupil II is based on the designs of the number one selling All Pupil indirect. Look out for the new features designed to make your examination easier and more comfortable.

Outstanding brightness for difficult exams Keeler Wireless Binocular Ophthalmoscope

With 2000 lux of light, which can be turned down to 2% of total illumination when necessary, All Pupil II offers maximum illumination with total control.

Lightweight and comfortable  – Go Wireless (Patent Pending)

The new design weighs just 520 grams and extra padded materials have been incorporated into the headband to make this indirect extremely comfortable for all examinations.

That’s right no more wires and cords! The freedom to move from room to room without any constraints. Keeler is delighted to introduce this great “wow” feature to the market leading Vantage indirect ophthalmoscope.

Slimline Lithium Polymer Battery

The lightest and smallest wireless battery for ultimate comfort and performance. All of our wireless systems come complete with (2) two batteries and charging system. 

Simple controls

The All Pupil II has a unique single control to change aperture size and position in one movement to view through all pupil sizes.

IR and UV barrier

There is a built in full time IR and UV barrier which guarantees improved patient protection and safety.

PD Range: 47 – 75mm

Comes with Charger & two (2) batteries


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