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Ivoclar Programat S1 1600

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Light-weight, compact sinter furnace for frameworks made of zirconium oxide materials up to 1,600 °C.

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Ivoclar Programat S1 1600

The Programat S1 1600 is a compact furnace for the sintering of frameworks made of IPS e.max ZirCAD, Zenostar and other zirconium oxide materials at a temperature of up to 1,600 °C. 

Long sintering processes belong to the past. With the Programat S1 1600 single frameworks of zirconium oxide can be sintered in only 75 minutes and bridges with a zirconium oxide framework of up to four units can be fabricated in only 90 minutes.

Exceptional efficiency
For the laboratory, a short sintering process means that a higher level of efficiency can be achieved. Crowns and bridges with a zirconium oxide framework (including a veneer) can be fabricated within one working day. The short sintering process does not jeopardize the high material strength and accuracy of fit of the restoration, as scientific research has proven. Moreover, a lower power consumption is needed.

Programat Dosto-Tray:
With the Programat Dosto Tray, the sintering capacity can be increased by up to 40% compared with the standard sinter tray. In this way, the sinter furnace is even more efficient in the dental laboratory.

Ivoclar Programat S1 1600 Benefits :

  • Sintering processes of up to 1,600 °C
  • Sintering of single frameworks in 75 minutes and of bridge frameworks in 90 minutes
  • Integrated speed programs for fully anatomical restorations with a high translucency
  • Simple and language-independent operation thanks to the proven combination of membrane-sealed keypad and graphic display
  • Power Saving Technology
  • Compact design and weight of only 27 kg
  • Calibration possibility
  • OSD display (Optical Status Display)
  • Remote control via PC/laptop by means of PrograBase3 software

Ivoclar Vivadent takes their Programat furnace line to the next level with the addition of the S1 1600 sintering furnace that enables higher sintering temperatures up to 1600 degrees for beautiful restorations with the perfect level of translucency. It features a new type of heating element specially designed for intensive everyday use. These heating elements are characterized by their long service life and even heat emission – a feature that is essential to achieve optimum sintering results.

This furnace was also specifically designed in conjunction with Weiland Zenostar and IPS e.max ZirCAD materials and can sinter single crowns in as little as 75 minutes and allow you to quickly select from its pre-set programs or create your own. In contrast to conventional sintering furnaces, which are generally bulky and heavy, the Programat S1 1600 is characterized by its compact design and light weight. Compared with conventional sintering furnaces that weigh up to 220 lbs, the new furnace weighs in at only 61.7 lbs.

True to form, Ivoclar Vivadent has also made it extremely user-friendly by including their optical operating status display showing when the furnace is sintering, a membrane-sealed keypad, USB connection, in-lab calibration, and the only removable sintering furnace head on the market. With these incredible features and a competitive price point, this is a sure win for any laboratory.


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