Ivoclar Programat P510/G2


The Programat G2 Furnaces have a modern design, intuitive operation and a high process reliability. Featuring a new IoT functionality providing you with monthly reports on performance data combined with customer-specific recommendations.

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Ivoclar Programat P510 G2

The Programat P510 G2 combines high-tech and modern design in a very efficient and user-friendly furnace. The intelligent Programat infrared technology speeds up the firing process by 20% and enhances the firing results. The built-in thermal imaging camera detects the drying performance and automatically controls the predrying and closing process. In addition to the many Ivoclar Vivadent programs, which are coordinated with materials such as IPS e.max, IPS d.SIGN, IPS InLine and the IPS Empress System, the furnace features 500 individual programs. Furthermore, various multimedia functions (pictures, videos, files in MP3 format) are available. The DAS function enables digital tooth shade determination directly in the furnace.

New Ivoclar Programat P510 G2 features of the G2 line

  • New operating unit (membrane-sealed keypad with coloured touch screen) with new symbols and icons – even simpler and quicker and also intuitive operation of the furnace
  • New operating software with new colour concept and new symbols and icons – even simpler and quicker and also intuitive operation of the furnace
  • IoT function – the customer is informed about service works at an early stage to prevent furnace failures
  • New, optimised cooling tray – more storage surface for fired objects and optimised cooling in the marginal area
  • New design-colour concept – excellent integration of the furnace into the Ivoclar Vivadent line of equipment
  • Various software optimisations
  • Additional Features
  • Infrared technology: Sensor-controlled temperature control during the pre-drying and closing process by means of an infrared camera
  • DSA for digital tooth shade determination directly in the furnace
  • QTK2 heating muffle with a longer service life and enhanced homogeneity due to a SIC firing table
  • Automatic Temperature Calibration at two reference points (ATK2)
  • Remote diagnostic via data file and Internet
  • Programat WLAN Kit for wireless data transfer (software updates, PrograBase)
  • 500 programs with new program structure
  • Multimedia functions, such as video, MP3, images
  • Operating Status Display with progress indicator
  • Power-saving technology


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