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InMode Embrace RF Aesthetic Equipment

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InMode Embrace RF Aesthetic Equipment


EmbraceRF technology provides subdermal adipose coagulation resulting in tissue remodeling. It is an advanced technique combining skin laxity treatment and fat remodeling for your patients who are not yet ready for, or not interested in, more excisional procedure, but are looking for comparable and impeccable results.

InMode Embrace RF Aesthetic Equipment KEY BENEFITS:

EmbraceRF: Offers a solution where no other currently exists:

  • EmbraceRF is a combination of powerful technologies to effectively treat skin and subdermal adipose tissue.
  • EmbraceRF provides physicians with the highest versatility of treatment offerings.
  • EmbraceRF is the perfect treatment for patients who are looking for exceptional results without the scars and downtime associated with invasive surgical procedures.



AccuTite makes focal RF treatment without excisional surgery. AccuTite is based on RFAL technology delivering precision heating to remodel adipose tissue.


  • Face and Neck (Minimally Invasive)


In just one treatment, FaceTite can provide significant improvements to the face contour. Using RFAL technology, FaceTite is the next best thing to a traditional facelift, without the associated large scars and downtime.


  • Face and Neck (Minimally Invasive)

Morpheus8 is a minimally invasive Subdermal Adipose Remodeling Device (SARD), designed to remodel collagen and coagulate adipose tissue. This interchangeable portfolio of microneedling tips, with different pin configurations (Prime 12 pin, Resurfacing 24 pin, Morpheus8 24 pin), provides physicians with a modular solution to deliver customizable fractional treatments.


  • Small hard-to-reach and facial soft tissue areas

How Does FaceTite Work?

The first step is a consultation in which we get to know you, your skin, your needs, and your expectations a little better.

Following this, we put together a personalized treatment plan in line with your needs and goals. The InMode EmbraceRF skin tightening procedure is typically performed with your maximum comfort and safety in mind.

During treatment, a tiny probe is gently inserted beneath the skin. This probe delivers heat to both the inner and outer layers of skin, which triggers a cellular healing response, causing the skin to contract and tighten.

The same energy also targets and destroys problem fat cells within the lax for drastically tighter, firmer and more youthful looking skin, instantly.

What Are the Benefits of This Treatment?

FaceTite gives you firmer, younger looking skin instantly. It saves you a fortune on cosmetic creams which promise the world but never deliver. It allows you to go about your day straight after your treatment without the need for downtime.

And because it’s so minimally invasive, unlike a facelift it leaves no scarring and fits seamlessly into your busy lifestyle. Plus, you get to see instant initial results, and they should gradually improve.


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