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Hironic SlimUs Non-invasive Lipolysis Device

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SLIMUS is a non-invasive lipolysis device for various parts of the body such as the abdomen, back, arms, and thighs. Better yet, SLIMUS comes with one and only patented vibration effect on all of the 4 the hand pieces which increase fat cell metabolism, stimulating and accelerating fat cell drainage more than just the laser effect. Experience permanent reduction of fat cells with guaranteed safety and no downtime.


Hironic SlimUs Non-invasive Lipolysis Device

LVAT (Laser Vibration Alliance Technology)

1060nm Diode Laser + Interval Vibration
1060nm Diode Laser provides high penetration depth while having with minimal absorption in dermis. Plus, the LVAT synchronizes with the laser for the synergy of effective fat reduction.

Hironic SlimUs Non-invasive Lipolysis Device Technology

Diode Laser
Beam Scattering from the reflector enhances beam uniformity for a better effect.

Vibration Mode
Interval vibrations from dual micro BLDC Motors.

Stimulates all fat cells in the body Increase the cellular metabolism of fat cells
Accelerate micro circumstance for lymphatic drainage Helps to naturally eliminate stubborn fat cells

Non-Invasive Body Fat Reduction Treatment Safe, No-Downtime and Quick Recovery
Multiple Applicators for Simultaneous Multiple Area Treatment Non-Suction, Flat Type Applicator design

25 MINUTE body contouring
A quick 25 minute treatment time allows both doctors and patients to save time, while not leaving any treatment marks nor bruises.

Hironic SlimUs Non-invasive Lipolysis Device Key Benefits
-LVAT (Laser Vibration Alliance Technology)Technology : 1060nm Diode Laser + Interval Vibration
-1060 nm Non-invasive lipolysis device
-25 MINUTE body contouring
– Large treatment area with 4 handpieces

The laser thermal effect and vibration affects only the adipocytes in the subcutaneous fat layer, protecting the skin with a cooling system. The technology is leading fat cells to death by apoptosis.

SLIMUS (Slim Our Body) is a Laser Vibration Alliance Technology (LVAT) system that features a 1060 nm diode laser with vibration mode. The laser energy precisely penetrates down to the fat cells residing under our skin. The level of moisture loss and dermis damage caused by absorption of the laser application is low, making it an ideal way to deliver energy to subcutaneous fat. In addition, the melanin absorption level is also low, meaning it can be safely applied regardless of skin color.

Lipolysis via application of the 1060 nm laser is most effective at temperatures between 42° to 47° C. SLIMUS maintains an ideal temperature during treatment to accelerate structural integrity damage of fat. The unique thing about LVAT is that it does not rely solely on a laser to eliminate the fat – it also utilizes vibration. Introducing vibration (vibration mode) after weakening the cell structure allows more impact. The operator can choose from three vibration modes based on skin and fat layer thickness of the target area for individual patients, to minimize any discomfort during treatment. The vibration mode can effectively produce visible changes sooner. These disrupted fat cells break down into smaller sizes, allowing your body to quickly remove them from the system through the mechanism of macrophage activation.


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