GE Vscan Access Portable Ultrasound Device


Vscan Access is a portable ultrasound device designed to help primary health workers assess pregnancy risks early. The Device shall be used by midwives, paramedics, clinical officers and general practitioners to conduct examinations for early detection of potentially life-threatening pregnancy complications. Vscan Access is design is easy to use, portable, easy to clean, rugged & reliable enough for the environment it is intended for. The form factor is soft, modern and depicts the emotion of care to connect better with patients & caregivers.


GE Vscan Access Portable Ultrasound


With Vscan Access, midwives, paramedics, clinical officers, and general practitioners have the means to:

Conduct examinations that may result in the early detection of potentially life-threatening pregnancy complications
Estimate gestational age and delivery date to help better plan and manage deliveries compared to manual exam methods
Guide the critical “keep or refer” decisions over the course of antenatal visits
Wirelessly transfer data to patients, referral facilities or remote expert

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Ultrasound designed for primary health workers in developing nations to help assess pregnancy risks
Maternal and newborn health remains one of our most pressing priorities. Despite advances, many countries need significant investment and cross-sector collaboration to help reduce pregnancy-related mortality. GE’s latest innovation is an ultrasound device designed for primary health workers to assess pregnancy risks early, and help expand the reach of quality care to mothers who need it most. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that “70% of medical equipment coming from the most developed nations does not work in developing world facilities.” To avoid these pitfalls, GE sought to re-think ultrasound from the ground-up. An global team of engineers, designers and health experts, guided by a Human-Centred Design process worked over 3 years to make VScan Access: SIMPLE for primary health workers to learn and use effectively DURABLE to last for years in tough* environments INNOVATIVE to integrate mHealth solutions AFFORDABLE to enable national scale-up

The Vscan Access developed by GE Healthcare is a new portable ultrasound system designed specifically for primary healthcare workers—such as midwives, general practitioners, paramedics and clinical officers—in low-resource settings.


Traditionally, manufacturers have vied to increase the resolution and performance of ultrasonic diagnostic equipment, and such equipment has gotten more expensive and grown larger in size. With this model, the manufacturer effectively narrowed down its functionality and downsized its main unit based on an accurate assessment of medical care needs. This has also raised applicability in medical care scenes due to its improved portability, making it the successor to a medical device that was highly praised in the past. Without excessively increasing the size of its main unit, which was characteristic of previous models, its display was moderately enlarged, which is among its features that improve its usability. This is an outstanding product that accurately reflects the needs found at the front lines of medicine.



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