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GE Voluson S10 Ultrasound Machine

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GE Voluson S10 Ultrasound Machine

The GE Voluson S10 is a high-end and full-featured ultrasound system designed for general radiography use and specialized for OB/GYN with particular features for realtime 3D/4D acquisition. Developed based on Voluson S series platform; however, it has migrated design and technologies from Voluson E series. Due to the new release, the GE Voluson S10 does not support various transducers like GE Voluson E6 or E8. In terms of features, the GE Voluson S10 has been integrated similar options, especially for 3D/4D applications and user inferface — 23″ LCD monitor, GE Voluson family looking control panel, and 10.1″ colorful touchscreen. The body design of Voluson S10 is similar to Voluson S series. Transducers are connected by a micro-connector like Voluson S series. The GE Voluson S10 is also designed to cover Fetal/OB, abdominal, pediatric, small organ, neonatal and adult cephalic, adult and pediatric cardiac, peripheral vascular, MSK, superficial, transrectral, and transvaginal.


– OB
– Vascular
– Cardio
– Abdominal
– Small-Parts
– Transrectal
– Breast
– Pediatrics
– Cephalic

GE Voluson S10 Features:

– High resolution 23″ wide LCD monitor
– High resolution 10.1″ wide LCD touch screen
– 4 active probe ports
– Integrated HDD (500GB)
– Integrated Integrated DVD +/- R(W) / CD-R(W) drive
– Integrated speakers
– Locking mechanism that provides rolling lock and caster swivel lock
– Integrated cable management
– Front and rear handles
– 4 Active Probe Ports
– HD-Flow™(HD-Flow™ Doppler Mode)
– TD (Tissue Doppler Mode)
– B-Flow
– Automatic Tissue Optimization
– Coded Harmonic Imaging
– Auto TGC
– Coded Excitation (CE)
– Advanced SRI (SRI II)
– CRI (Compound Resolution Imaging (Cross Beam))
– FFC (Focus & Frequency Composite)
– SonoBiometry: Biparetal Diameter (BPD)
Abdominal Circumference (AC)
Head Circumference (HC)
Humerus Length (HL)
Femur Length (FL)
– High Resolution Zoom
– SonoNT
– SonoIT
– DICOM 3.0 Connectivity
– Scan Assistant
– Pan Zoom
– Steering
– Virtual Convex
– Max. Angle (Wide sector)
– Beta-View
– Real-time automatic Doppler calculations
– Patient information database
– Image Archive on hard drive
– 3D/4D data compression (lossy, lossless)

Dimensions and Weight:

– Width: 620mm (24.4 in)
– Depth: 865mm (34.1in)
– Height: Maximum: 1730 mm (68.1 in)
Minimum: 1380mm (54.3in)
– Weight: 90 kg, 198 lbs

GE Voluson S10 Ultrasound Machine Specifications:

– Digital beamformer
– Displayed imaging depth: 0 – 36 cm (probe dependent)
– Minimum depth of field: 0 – 1 cm (probe dependent)
– Maximum depth of field: 0 – 36 cm (probe dependent)
– Continuous dynamic receive focus/continuous dynamic receive aperture
– Adjustable dynamic range up to 256 dB


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