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GE Versana Premier Ultrasound Machine

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Versana Premier for Primary Care


GE Versana Premier Ultrasound Machine

The GE Versana Premier ultrasound machine is a new color console offering from GE Healthcare with a 5 year warranty. This shared service system is designed for cardiac, point of care and women’s health imaging applications. The 21.5 inch monitor includes a fully articulating arm with a color touch screen and ergonomic keyboard, helping streamline your work. Multiple exam protocols and applications help you diagnose a wide spectrum of patient conditions. Intuitive automated tools streamline workflow. The system boots up quickly and operates quietly. It is compact to fit small spaces and easy to maneuver between rooms. The new GE Versana Premier ultrasound machine includes 4 hours of online training from GE, extensive training can be added. The system includes 4 probe ports, gel warmer and integrated speakers. Imaging modes include: Color Flow, PDI, Directional PDI, M Mode, Color M Mode, Pulse Wave Doppler. See below for additional software options you can add on to the system.

Scan Assistant
Provide ultrasound sonographers with predefined standardized exam protocols that walk them through all steps of image acquisition, saving keystrokes, reducing stress and fatigue, and maximizing exam consistency.

Visualize all three image planes within a scan volume in real time; especially useful in OB examinations. 3D image rendering and display provide fast reconstruction of anatomical sweeps. 4D provides continuous, high-volume acquisition of 3D images. 4D adds the dimension of movement to a 3D image.

Whizz image tuning
Just touch the Whizz button on your console once. Without pressing it again, Whizz continuously and automatically optimizes the image, even as you move from one organ or structure to another.

Effective exam follow-up
For follow-up exams, the Follow-up Tool automatically identifies the same ultrasound probe, preset, depth, gain and frequency settings as used in the prior scan. The current real-time ultrasound image displays side-by-side with the prior image for easy comparison.

Insite Technology
GE advanced remote service technology and remote monitoring diagnostics and repair; instantly connect your ultrasound machine with a GE service expert to resolve many issues remotely on the spot.


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