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GE Versana Balance Ultrasound Machine

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The GE Versana Balance optimizes workflow with various applications and features. This includes Whizz, a one-touch optimization tool, and an easy-to-navigate, intuitive 8.4-inch color touch screen.


GE Versana Balance Ultrasound Machine

Versana Balance ultrasound helps you provide reliable general practice care, OB/GYN, and MSK with no compromise on quality. This practical, competent system delivers comprehensive scanning for diagnosis and monitoring in private clinics, GP offices, and other primary-care settings.

Count on GE Healthcare for equipment and support to help you reach new levels of GP, OB/GYN, and MSK excellence.

GE Versana Balance Ultrasound Machine helps you see clearly with reliable, long-lasting image quality that ranks with the best in its class. Images provide high spatial and contrast resolution, helping you visualize anatomical structures and physiological function.

A broad range of probes and multiple ports support a wide variety of exams. Whizz one-touch dynamic image tuning constantly optimizes images as you scan, even as you move from one organ or region to another. You also get proven functionalities found on higher-end GE Healthcare ultrasound systems.

Versana Balance delivers diverse,GP, OB/GYN, and MSK imaging, giving you clinical confidence and your patients timely diagnoses and referrals. Intuitive design and automated tools simplify exams and streamline workflow:

– Whizz
– Scan coach and Scan assistant
– Sono Biometry
– Auto IMT
– Fetus growth trend
– Automatic 2D measures

GE Versana Balance Probes/Transducers:

– 4C-RS Abdomen, OB/GYN, Vascular, Urological, Thoracic, Pediatric, MSK
18.3 x 66.2 mm
2.0 – 5.0 MHz

– L6-12-RS Vascular, Small parts, Pediatrics, MSK, Thoracic
11.4 x 47.0 mm
4.0 – 13.0 MHz

– 3SC-RS Vascular, Small parts, Pediatrics, MSK, Thoracic
12.7 x 47.1 mm
4.2 – 13.0 MHz

– E8C-RS OB/GYN, Urological, Transvaginal, Transrectal
16.9 x 21.2 mm
4.2 – 10.0 MHz

– E8CS-RS OB/GYN, Urological, Transvaginal, Transrectal
18.6 x 13.9 mm
4.0 – 10.0 MHz

– 3SC-RS Cardiac, Vascular, Transcranial, Thoracic, Abdominal
23.7 x 18.4 mm
1.7 – 4.0 MHz

– 6S-RS Cardiac, Vascular, Transcranial, Pediatrics
23.5 X 16.8 mm
2.5 – 7.0 MHz

– RAB2-6-RS Abdominal, OB/GYN, Urological
62.2 x 34.0 mm
2.0 – 6.0 MHz

– 8C-RS Pediatrics, Pediatric Cardiac, MSK
12.0 x 22.0 mm
4.2 – 10.0 MHz

– LK760-RS MSK
67 x 13 mm
3.5 – 10.0 MHz

Whizz image tuning
Just touch the Whizz button on your console once. Without pressing it again, Whizz continuously and automatically optimizes the image, even as you move from one organ or structure to another.


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