Fit 3D Body Scanner/Pro Scanner


Provide your members and prospect with a compelling full body assessment that helps them target and reach their body shape goals.

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Fit 3D Body Scanner

The FIT3D Pro Scanner is one of the most advanced 360 body scanning device in the health and wellness industry today and we are proud to be the first and only clinic in Brighton and the South East to provide this innovative wellness and fitness assessment.

With many of us keen to improve health, fitness and wellbeing, our 3D Body scanning service allows you to accurately assess and track your progress, helping to focus and motivate you towards reaching your fitness and wellness goals.


The FIT3D Body Scanner is the most powerful 3D scanner and reporting technology of its kind. It is the newest and most innovative body scanner to come from the US to the UK.

Compelling & Accurate Assessments

The Fit3D 3D Scanner safely, privately, and accurately allows your members to capture and track valuable data on their way to reaching their wellness and body shape goals.
Data such as: 3D avatar, circumference measurements, body composition, posture analytics, weight, balance, and more.

A Fit 3D Body Scanner, 360 scan is a great way to know your starting point & track your progress over time, whether its weight loss, building muscle or increasing fitness

The scan provides over 200 specific body measurements allowing you to accurately compare your transformation from
scan to scan

The state-of-the-art FIT3D Scanner offers our clients a one stop wellness assessment within minutes. The advanced technology of the FIT3D Proscanner allows our Health & Wellbeing clinic to produce precise body measurements in 40 seconds from a simple single scan with the results delivered to your email address in a full 360 degree avatar with precise body measurements.

This innovative technology offers the very best in body composition analysis – no more circumference measurements or inaccurate weight or body fat data. FIT3D has worked with world leading body composition researchers from LSU, UCSF, and Mount Sinai School of Medicine to produce it’s body fat algorithm.

As well as gaining insightful information about your health, wellness and fitness status, by utilising the FIT3D scanner you are joining a powerful network of FIT3D clients in more than 35 countries. Throughout the world, a FIT3D client is using a ProScanner every 2.5 minutes to provide total wellness assessments.


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