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Erchonia Lunula Laser Therapy for Toenail Fungus

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Treatment for toenail and foot fungus with Lunula Cold Laser

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Erchonia Lunula Laser Therapy

Erchonia Lunula Laser Therapy At Weil Foot & Ankle Institute, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the industry’s leading and highest quality treatment options. We understand that many of our patients come through our doors experiencing discomfort due to toenail fungus. It is our duty to offer convenient solutions that yield real results!

Lunula Laser is the most advanced model of non-invasive healthcare lasers. Equipped with all of the latest technology from Erchonia Corporation, Lunula targets foot fungus and Onychomycosis.

What is Erchonia Lunula Laser Therapy Laser?
The Erchonia Lunula laser device is a Low-Level Laser Light that is specifically designed for treating onychomycosis – toenail fungus. Lunula Laser is non-thermal so called “Cold Laser” meaning that there is no heat used and therefore there are 0 risks involved with it’s usage. The patient will feel no heat or any sensation from the laser.

Lunula laser is made in the USA and is the 1st and only non-thermal FDA Market Cleared laser device for the temporary increase of clear nail for patients with Onychomycosis.

How does it work?
The Erchonia Lunula laser uses low level laser light to target toenail fungus. Luluna targets toenail fungus with a unique dual-diode approach effectively targets the causative infections agent while fortifying the body’s natural defense mechanisms. This multifaceted approach is the first of its kind, providing patients with a truly effective, yet safe, option to target onychomycosis.

What are the advantages of Lunula Low Level Laser for the treatment of onychomycosis?

  • no chance of developing microbial resistance to this form of treatment
  • does not interfere or interact with any systemic medicine
  • no chance for liver toxicity
  • treatment protocol is painless, ensuring good patient compliance
  • no pain during treatment
  • no downtime
  • unattended treatment

What Patients Should Expect During Laser Treatment

Patients that seek the Lunula Low Level Laser painless toenail and foot fungus treatment should expect the following steps:

  • Sit comfortably on the examination chair
  • Place the foot in the Lunula Laser
  • The laser targets the treatment area on the foot for 12 minutes
  • After the treatment there is no downtime nor additional medicine

Non-thermal laser therapy is a safe and effective tool for significantly increasing the extent of clear nail in onychomycosis infected toenails after six months following one weekly treatment for four weeks. Based on these results, this device became the first non-thermal laser to receive FDA 510(k) market clearance for increasing the extent of clear nail in patients with onychomycosis.

The Lunula Laser Advantage:

  • No pain, no downtime and no risk
  • Avg. 6.1 clearance at 6 months*
  • No dangerous smoke plumes
  • Unattended procedure
  • 89% of patients respond
  • Made in the USA


Erchonia Lunula Laser Therapy SPECIFICATION
Configuration: 2 Line Generated Class 2 Laser Diode Modules
Wavelength: 635nm & 405nm
Modulation: Constant Wave (CW)
Display: Full Color TFT Touch Screen Control Center
Power Source: 100-240VAC 50-60Hz
Chassis: Powder Coated Aircraft Aluminum
Treatment Area:  304 Stainless Steel for Anti-Microbial Properties
Housing: Injection Molded Process with Non-Allergen Material/Plastic
Weight: 23lbs. (10.43kg)
Accessories: 2-Keys, Power Cord & Laser Safety Glasses
Complaint to: ISO 13485 Medical Device Quality, IEC 60825-1 Laser Safety, IEC 60601-1-2 EMC, IEC 60601-1 MEE Safety, CE Mark, CB Cert, CMDCAS
Laser Class 2 / Device Class II (USA); 2a(EU)


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