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Cynosure Medlite C6 Laser System

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This Q-swicthed Nd:YAG technology provides safe, effective treatments for tattoo removal, skin revitalization, and pigmented lesions.


Cynosure Medlite C6 Laser System

Multiple treatments, various skin types, reliable technology.

The MedLite C6 is a multi-wavelength system which provides the consistent results that practitioners worldwide depend on and trust.

Cynosure Medlite C6 Laser System: Trusted by practitioners worldwide for its consistent results.

The Medlite C6 provides a flat-top beam profile, producing consistent results with few complications and reliable treatments time after time. This homogeneous beam delivery energy spreads evenly over the skin’s surface, minimizing epidermal injury and increasing patient satisfaction. Medlite C6 removes tattoos, treats pigmentary conditions, and reduces acne scarring and wrinkles.

  • Pigmented lesions
  • Acne scars
  • Wrinkles

Expanded capabilities. Expanded offerings.

Extend the wavelength capabilities of the device with the addition of 585nm and 650nm MultiLite dye handpieces for the treatment of multi-colored tattoos. The 532Lite handpiece is also optimal for treating small pigmented lesions that require low fluences.

Cynosure Medlite C6 Laser System System Design

The Medlite C6 utilizes PhotoAcoustic technology which means the laser delivers strong levels off energy within short pulse durations. The beam of energy produced targets pigmented skin and collagen and destroys the pigmentation. Since the Medlite C6 only targets pigmented skin / tattoo ink, the rest of the surrounding skin is unharmed.

The Medlite C6 utilizes an electro-optic (EO) Q-Switch platform. The Q-Switch acts as a high-speed shutter, holding energy until enough has been stored until peak power has been reached. When energy levels are at the desired level, the laser will produce its peak power output of 200 megawatts. The shutter capability allows the laser to deliver this energy in 5-20 nanosecond pulse widths. The targeted chromophores in the pigmented literally vibrate and shatter when hit by this flattop beam of energy.

Multiple Wavelengths: By adding on additional handpieces, the Medilite C6 laser easily delivers multiple wavelengths of energy: 532nm, 585 nm, 650nm and 1064 nm. With these Multilite Dye handpieces you have the ability to treat multi-color tattoos including the following ink colors: black, dark blue, red, sky blue and green.

Additional Applications

In addition to laser tattoo removal, the Medlite C6 has further applications such as the treatment of pigmented lesions (age spots, sun damage, Nevus of Ota), wrinkle reduction, skin resurfacing and acne scar reduction.

The MedLite C6 is a Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser capable of 532nm and 1064nm laser emission for use in a variety of dermatological procedures as well as 585nm and 650nm with the MultiLite Dye Handpieces

MultiSpot Handpiece

Variable spot size 532nm/1064nm Handpiece
532nm spot sizes: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm
1064nm spot sizes: 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm

MultiLite Dye Handpieces

585nm & 650nm dye pack handpieces expand color tattoo removal capabilities


  • MedLite C6 Laser System
  • MultiSpot 532/1064nm Handpiece
  • 585nm MultiLite Dye Handpiece
  • 650nm MultiLite Dye Handpiece
  • Foot Switch


Laser Types: Q-Switched Nd:YAG, Pulsed Dye

Wavelengths: 532nm, 1064nm, 585nm, 650nm

Spot Sizes(mm): 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm

Part Number: 659-0020-1

Serial Number: MC6-4548


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