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Bison Lucid Q PTP Laser Tattoo Removal

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Gold Standard Q Switched Laser Technology

Q Switched Nd:Yag 1064 nm & 532 nm expandable Tattoo removal laser with 585 nm & 650 nm options.


Bison Lucid Q PTP Laser Tattoo Removal


Fast & Easy to Use Laser Tattoo Removal Machine with Easy to Use Interface. Remove tattoos in less sessions, utilize more speed with capabilities up to 25 hz, and knock out larger tattoo with spot sizes up to 10 mm. You will not need to invest in a separate 694 nm ruby laser like other companies claim because the Lucid Q PTP has the option to add 2 additional wavelengths we dye 585 nm & 650 nm hand pieces. Virtually remove all colors, lighten tattoos for cover ups, and bring profitability back to your business. You will not need to interchange hand pieces to change spot sizes, Lucid Q PTP has computer aided technology which quickly changes spot size from 1 hand piece. Add the affordable Lucid Q PTP laser tattoo removal machine that is worth twice what it costs.

Bison Lucid Q PTP Best Laser Tattoo Removal

Target more tattoos and provide a wide range of skin rejuvenation treatments with the Lucid Q PTP. Powerful & Smart Hand Piece Design for Q-switch 532nm, 585nm, 650nm and 1064nm Wavelengths to complete the ultimate laser tattoo removal machine combination. 4 wavelengths and speeds up to 25 hz! Fastest laser tattoo removal machine available. Extremely easy to use, fast booting times, user friendly software, and affordable. The Lucid Q PTP competes with other systems which cost double price!


Utilizes two wavelengths 1064 & 532, additional optional dye hand pieces of 585 & 650. Lucid Q PTP delivers laser power in a very short period of time as 2 pulses. In order to reduce side effects of high energy, it adopts Q PTP mode which divides the high energy into two pulses with very short duration. Lucid Q PTP effectively reduces pigmented lesions on dermis and epidermis and also minimizes the risk of side effects such as hypopigmentation, pigmentation and recurrence of Melasma, comparing to previous laser toning procedures Q PTP mode can be done in both 1064 & 532. Quasi-long pulse is a combination of toning and lifting which enables pigmented cells to absorb the laser selectively.


Controlled by the 10.4 inch touch display with excellent visibility, operability, and ease of use. Fast and accurate treatments tailored for each patient are applicable by saving the diverse lesions of patients with a total storage space of 480 secured slots with 30 storage slots respectively for each of 15 built-in lesions and 1 user custom. This gives you the ability to pre-save settings for convenient treatment protocol.


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