Bemer Beauty-Pack Evo


The two applicators operate at different wavelengths. Their monochromatic light penetrates to different depths inside the skin and can thus achieve different positive effects

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Bemer Beauty-Pack Evo

Controlled by the B.Box Evo and easily applied with the B.Grip Evo, the two light applicators B.Light Clear Evo and B.Light Restore Evo project intense light at different, short wavelengths into the skin. This procedure is known among experts as “Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT)”. While it sounds incredibly complicated, it simply brings additional benefits.

B.Light Clear Evo – Showcases Your Skin in the Most Beautiful Light

For gentle care of beautiful skin, the B.Light Clear Evo application module combines highly effective red light with blue photobiological light. This combination promotes the formation of high-energy bonds in skin cells and connective tissue⁽¹⁾. Since the B.Light Clear Evo primarily uses light with shorter wavelengths, it is ideal for superficial treatment of your skin – for example, for acne or even skin inflammations and injuries. Daily use of the application module, which is also very simple and convenient, can therefore contribute to an overall finer, more radiant complexion. With no need for creams. And entirely without chemicals.

Technical Specifications Bemer Beauty-Pack Evo

B.Light Clear Evo, B.Light Restore Evo Dimensions L x W x D in cm: 12.12 x 12.12 x 2.46
B.Light Clear Evo, B.Light Restore Evo Weight in kg: 0.12
B.Light Clear Evo, B.Light Restore Evo Number of LEDs: 100
B.Light Clear Evo Wavelength range: 465 nm and 645 nm (±20 nm)
B.Light Clear Evo Maximum radiation intensity (mW/cm2) at the skin surface: 465 nm: ≈ 0.8, 645 mm: ≈ 1.2
B.Light Restore Evo Wavelength range: 645 nm and 860 nm (±20 nm)
B.Light Restore Evo Maximum radiation intensity (mW/cm2) at the skin surface: 645 nm: ≈ 0.56, 860 mm: ≈ 1.4
B.Light Clear Evo, B.Light Restore Evo Material composition (surface): 100% PC
B.Light Evo Safety Glasses Lenses: Shade 2, GA 166 CE (anti-fog, scratch-resistant, 100% UV protection)
additional details can be found on the individual product pages
Article number: 415020

Scope of delivery

B.Light Clear Evo
B.Light Restore Evo
B.Light Evo Safety Glasses
B.Grip Evo


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