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Apilux 3G APL Technology

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More complete and powerful than any other intense pulsed light (IPL) system on the market, the Apilux 3G promises quick results and unrivalled treatment comfort. The Apilux 3G Canadian made technology is based on a high-performance optical technology called Alternating Pulsed Light or APL which enables the device to be used safely and efficiently on any type of clientele. Finally, its wide variety of treatments (hair removal, rejuvenation, vascular, pigmentary, acne) and its hyper efficient cooling system make it an indisputable choice!


Apilux 3G APL Technology

The Apilux 3G APL technology has the advantage of creating a polychromatic beam, which means that a multitude of wavelengths are emitted at the same time. These multiple wavelengths each penetrate the skin at a specified level, which allows the Apilux 3G to effectively destroy hairs and visibly reduce many skin imperfections located at various skin depths. Moreover, a high quality crystal optical waveguide directly integrated in the handpiece filters the light beam emitted by the Apilux 3G in order to retain only the wavelengths that allow for a successful treatment of cutaneous imperfections.

Contrary to some devices that only emit one light flash per application, APL technology allows the user to program a series of rapidly alternating light pulses during the same flash. The function multiplies the efficiency of each flash, while meeting the required skin thermal relaxation time. Specific programming is also available according to skin phototype and the density of hair to be treated, to ensure for a safe and comfortable treatments. The specified thermal relaxation time for the skin is 12 to 15 times faster than for hair. This means that hair absorbs and retains heat much longer than the skin. Therefore, by applying a series of micro-pulses during the same flash, a progressive accumulation of heat is created in the hair follicle, while allowing for proper skin relaxation time and heat dispersion, thus ensuring that the surrounding tissues be undamaged.

The Apilux 3G’s showpiece is its handpiece, which is equipped with a very wide contact surface of 15 mm by 50 mm. This allows the operator to cover a given area faster and using fewer flashes, than she would using laser or other conventional pulsed light devices.

The power level of the light pulse is critical for effi cient and successful hair removal: too weak, and the hairs do not absorb sufficient heat to destroy the germ cells and eliminate regrowth. The Apilux 3G is able to produce an adjustable fl uence of up to 50 joules/cm2 (40 joules/cm2 USA/Canada), which is plenty enough to guarantee results that will please your customers.

With so much power available at your fingertips, it is crucial to carefully consider customer comfort and safety. Thankfully, the Apilux 3G comes equipped thermoelectric plates as well as an internal water cooling circuit, which together both protect the integrity of the unit’s lamp and provide the skin with an analgesic, soothing sensation.

(Pelletier Effet)
The thermoelectric plates surround the optical waveguide on the handpiece. They are able attain temperatures as low as -4 °C. During application on the skin, the waveguide thus provides an immediate coolling effect which protects the skin. This eliminates the need for the application of an external coolant on the skin between each flash.

Since the IPL lamps produce a high amounts of thermal energy, they can become very hot. Thanks to the Apilux 3G’s water cooling technology, it is able to provide intense light pulses in rapid succession without damaging the lamp. It also is responsible for the unit’s durability. Indeed, the two Apilux 3G handpieces can emit up to 90,000 flashes.


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