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3Shape Trios 4 Wireless Move+ Dental Intraoral CAD/CAM Dentistry Scanner Unit

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The intraoral scanner that takes treatment to the next level:

This top-of-the-line intraoral scanner makes scanning even simpler, so you can focus on achieving outstanding treatment outcomes. How? With 30% longer battery life, always fog-free mirrors, and wired and wireless options in one.

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3Shape Trios 4 Wireless Move+

3Shape Trios 4 Wireless Move+ Description

3Shape Trios 4 Wireless Move+ Dynamic Bite – Patient Specific Motion Capture Only with Trios

In this new and potential users of digital dentistry a implant restoration where the dynamic bite is captured.  We initially imaged the upper and lower jaws with 2 bites. Then we captured the dynamic bite and the returned for the jaw scan with the scanbody. There are many ways to approach this but this sequence we have found to be easiest for new users to digest.

The scanbody was captured after the bite because it usually is taller than the adjacent teeth. There is a chance you may injure the patient if you don’t follow the proper sequence

3Shape TRIOS MOVE+ is one of three hardware setup options for the TRIOS intraoral scanner. TRIOS MOVE+ now features a larger 15.6” touchscreen attached to an arm and elegant, easy-to-move stand with a mounted PC. Dentists can easily move and position the TRIOS MOVE+ as well as use its touchscreen as a canvas to design and discuss treatments with patients. TRIOS MOVE+ helps to drive patient involvement and case acceptance in conjunction with 3Shape Excitement Apps like TRIOS Treatment Simulator and TRIOS Smile Design.

3Shape Trios 4 Wireless Move+ comes in three configurations.

  • The Trios 4 pod, which is basically a USB scanner that can be used with any suitable laptop or desktop.
  • And the Trios Move or Move+. The Trios Move and Move+ are the cart versions of the scanner, with the Move+ just having a larger screen.

In the first layer of the box, we find two things, a quick start guide, which basically just tells you how to assemble the Trios Move, and the Trios 4 itself.

The Trios 4 Scanner

This is the Trios 4 Scanner. And personally, I think it’s one of the most aesthetic scanners on the market. I really think it just looks very modern and high tech.

Now, some of the other things that come inside the box, are five scanner tips, a battery pack, and 3d calibration and color calibration tools.

So if we look at this Trios 4, for a second, what we see straight away is that it comes with a protective sleeve and how you take off these scanner tips is you simply twist off and take it off.

3Shape Trios 4 Wireless Move+ Smart Tips

The Trios 4 Smart Tips

Now, this is what the company calls smart tips. And this is really what differentiates the Trios 4 from all other Trios scanners.

The reason being is three main things.

  • These smart tips can be autoclaved up to 150 times, which is a massive number.
  • They also have an autoclave tracker in them. They can be heated up very fast from dead cold to turning it on and being able to use it within 10 seconds with no fogging.
  • The third factor that makes this scanner tip so special is the fact that they conserve battery power, which is really important for a wireless scanner.


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